5 things to keep in mind for The Perfect Braid

The Perfect Braid is quick & easy to apply and comfortable to wear. We love the braid as much as you do, but here are some good tips to apply/remove/care for The Perfect Braid. 
Braid clip in hair extensions glamista hair
  1. The Perfect Braid extension has a hair-tie attached to it, but you will need a separate hair tie to put your own hair up in a ponytail before you apply The Perfect Braid. After you have secured your own hair in a ponytail so that your ponytail doesn't move around then you are now ready to apply the perfect braid. Make sure the base is nice and tight so it will be more comfortable to wear the braid on top of your own hair. If you can move your own ponytail a little bit the extension won't hold as well. When you are ready to apply The Perfect Braid on top of your own hair, make sure to not pull the extension sections apart or your own hair when you are braiding it.
  2. The Perfect Braid comes with 3 elastic hair ties at the bottom of each section of the braid to make it easier for you to section the hair extension and for you to keep since we recommend adding elastic hair tie at the end of the braid so you will have some extra. But yes you can remove the 3 elastic either before applying the extension or at the same time when you are doing your braid.
  3. Removing The Perfect Braid: When you remove The Perfect Braid make sure to take the elastic hair tie at the bottom first and slowly take the braid out by sections and then take the wrap around piece at top off by removing the bobbi pin that you secured it with. Now you should be secured to remove the hair tie for the braid out of your hair carefully so it doesn't tangle with your own hair-tie.
  4. Brush: To brush synthetic fiber hair we recommend holding as close to where you are brushing and start from the bottom. The only thing you want to make sure is that you do not pull the synthetic fiber hair while you brush. (What happens if you pull on synthetic fibre hair: It will mattify the hair and make it coarse). Also pro tip for your own hair to be healthier looking is to use the same tactic while you brush your hair so your own hair won't have as much breakage. We recommend keeping the braid in the original packaging after you use it or on our Glamista mini hanger.
  5. How to wash: Use gentle shampoo & conditioner when you wash the braid. We recommend watching our how to wash video here. Try not to rub the hair too much while washing so it doesn't get tangled. Make sure to let it air dry and do not use hair dryer on the hair. You can hang it up on the Glamista mini hanger or lay it flat on a towel. It's good every now and then to move the hair around to make sure the underneath is also drying fast and securely. You don't need to wash the hair extensions as often as your own hair but you should feel it when it's time for a wash and when you want them looking new again. You can use hair serum in our synthetic fiber hair it will make it soft and shiny and we definitely recommend it as it makes it smell so nice!

Now you will feel like a pro on our Perfect Braid extension. No seriously - it sounds like a lot, but it will come in handy to know all these information and we just want you to keep your extensions as long as possible <3 

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