Do's and don'ts | synthetic extensions edition

Let's start with the positive because synthetic hair extensions are so good compared to how they were just few years ago. Few years back synthetic hair extensions they did absolute not look like they resembled human hair to the slightest...but today? aha different story. Let me tell you you today you can't see a difference and that we love. Why? It's because synthetic fibre hair is budget friendly option for people who want to try hair extensions without too much commitment or for the people who like to wear different lenghts and styles all the time. But they are also quick and easy to use since you don't need to style them since they come pre-styled. And not to worry about the rain either since curls on synthetic fibre hair don't flatten out in the rain how nice is that? 

bouncy synthetic clip in hair extensions glamista hair

Here are some do's that you can do with our synthetic fibre hair: 
- You can use hair serum in our synthetic fibre hair and in fact we highly recommend it since it will make them soft and shiny. 
- You can brush the hair and we recommend brushing, before, while you use and after. Just make sure to hold tight and close to where you are brushing because we don't want to pull the synthetic hair apart since it will make the hair hoarse if that happens. 
- You can wash the hair. Please take a look at our how to wash here
- Yes, yes and yes you can style it with heat. Our synthetic fibre extensions come pre-styled so you don't have to but if you decide to heat style the hair just wanted to let you know you can't get the original style back. When you heat style it make sure to not pull too much on the hair and start by using low heat. 

Here are some don'ts that you can not do with out synthetic fibre hair: 
- You can't use hair colour on the synthetic fibre hair. It won't work and if you decide to try it it will make it matt & dry. If you need assistance with color match please send us a message on any of our social with a photo of your hair in daylight and we will assist you <3.
- Do not use purple shampoo in the hair it won't work and it's too harsh on the hair making it matt & dry. 
- Do not use hair drier on the hair. Leave it to air dry when you wash it. 
- Do not pull on the hair while you style or brush the hair. 
- Do not attach the extensions unless the base is sturdy and ready. It won't hold well otherwise and will pull on your hair making it uncomfortable to wear. 
- Do not use any styling products such as hair gel, hair spray or anything that makes the hair hold. Only styling product you can use is hair serum. 

This do's and don't guide is only meant for the synthetic fibre hair <3 

We hope this helps to keep your pretty pretty extensions as new for longer.