Stefán John Turner og Sunneva Einars Glamista Hair photoshoot
It was so crazy to see the models reaction to the ponytails and how they felt wearing them. They loved the quality of the hair and and it made us so happy!

We love to share our journey, so why not share our first ever photoshoot with you guys? This time around we are so grateful for our friends that were our models - how gorgeous are they!

We also want to thank Stefán John Turner, our friend and photographer for shooting our product images. 

Glamista Hair Photoshoot Ástrós trausta,  jóhanna helga og birgit
Models: Ástrós Trausta, Birgit & Jóhanna Helga.

Glamista Hair Photoshoot Ingunn, Anna Lára, Sunneva Einars
Models: Ingunn, Anna Lára & Sunneva Einarss

Here is our how to video that we shot: 

Model: Arna Ýr

And as you may know, we have more colors and more styles on the way, so we will have many more photoshoots coming!

We hope you loved the photos as much as we did and most of all, we hope you can see our ponytails clearly. If you love to be in front of a camera and you would like to model our hair please email us with the subject line 'model' info@glamistahair.com