Our Story

Just two besties with a big hair dream. 
We spent last summer together in Miami, enjoying the sun and the crazy party scene. Everyday we LOVED to get glammed up but each day it took so much time that ... guess what? We were always late.
Since we were little girls we have always wanted to create our own brand together - but didn't find the right time ... until now!
It was a no brainer to create our own hair products because our love for hair goes beyond. 
We have been extension fanatics since we were like 15 - and we both know how terribly difficult it is to find great quality extensions and to learn how to use them correctly.
We wanted to create a 'quick fix'. Something gorgeous that everyone could easily apply and would be affordable for anyone. So, we created our Perfect Ponytail - to make your hair dreams come true in just 30 seconds.
Glamista Hair is a childhood dream of ours coming true and we are so proud and excited! We hope from the bottom of our hearts that you guys will enjoy our journey and like us, love bringing your hair game to the next level.
The Perfect Pony is so incredibly easy to apply and the material is unreal. The ponytail is highest quality synthetic fiber and it feels so soft and real like actual hair. 
We cannot wait to see you rock your own perfect pony!
Don't hesitate to contact us for any questions <3 
With love from Miami & Iceland,
Kolla & Tanja <3